The most detailed list of equipment needed to open a bakery chain in 2023

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Ovens and baking equipment:

Bread ovens: for baking a variety of breads, rolls and bread-like products.
Baking racks or trays: racks or trays used to place and bake bread.
Proofer: for fermentation of dough to improve the quality of bread.
Bread slicers: for cutting and packaging bread.

Mixing and blending equipment:

Dough mixers: for mixing raw materials for dough.
Bread and dough mixers: for mixing, stirring and blending dough.

Equipment for making bread and pastry:

Bread molding machine: used to mold dough into various shapes of bread.
Bread Press: used to flatten dough to make products such as bread rolls.
Bread injection molding machines: for making decorations and patterns on the surface of bread.
Bread steamers: for making steamed buns and other pastry products.

Cooling and display equipment:

Cooling racks: for cooling freshly baked bread and pastries.
Display cabinets: for displaying various breads and pastries to attract customers.
Refrigeration equipment: for storing frozen or chilled bread and pastries.
Food safety equipment:

Food safety devices: including food thermometers and food safety storage devices to ensure food quality and safety.

Kitchen Equipment:

Knives and cutting equipment: for cutting bread and pastries.
Cooking equipment: such as frying pans and stoves if you plan to serve hot food.
Cleaning and sanitation equipment:

Dishwasher: for washing dishes and baking trays.
Sanitary equipment: for keeping the kitchen and work area clean and hygienic.

POS system:

Cash registers and POS systems: for managing sales, inventory and transactions.

Shelving and storage equipment:

Bread racks and lockers: for storing bread and pasta, as well as raw materials and supplies.

Office Equipment:

Office equipment such as computers, printers, filing cabinets, etc., for managing the day-to-day affairs of the store.

Security Equipment:

Security cameras and anti-theft systems for protecting the store and employees.
Note that this list is just a starting point, and you'll need to further refine your equipment needs based on your specific business plan, type of pasta, and store size. In addition, you may need to consider regulations, licenses and health standards to ensure the legal operation and food safety of your bakery chain. It's a good idea to consult with a professional advisor or local government agency to ensure that your equipment and operational plans comply with all regulations and standards.

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