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In 1991, Mr. Han Sang-young established the brand Bresso in Seoul, South Korea, and in 2017, he set up a branch company Han Baking Technology Machinery( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China, which introduces the Korean technology and produces bresso ovens for exporting all over the world.
Our brand Bresso is a Korean brand, founded by our president Mr. Han Sang-young when he was still working as a baker, it can be said that it is an oven brand developed by a baker for a baker.We set up a branch office in Shanghai, China in 2017, introducing Korean technology, relying on China's more competitive labor resources for production, the same quality, lower price exported all over the world.
BRESSO serves a wide variety of clients and scenarios, including commercial bakeries, professional bakery kitchens, hotels, training schools, food factories, etc. BRESSO offers a complete and customizable range of professional bakery equipment, such as ovens, hot-air ovens, rotisseries, rising ovens, mixers, blenders, refrigerators, and more, and a catalog of products is available upon contact for more details.
Yes, FCC,UR,ROHS certificates are also available.

Professional Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics
Our oven all peripheral 430 stainless steel material, food-grade stainless steel, better heat conduction.
European-style oven can be freely equipped with imported volcanic clay ceramic slate in each layer, which can release infrared rays and penetrate the surface of the bread, making European-style bread, such as baguettes, etc. better. It is recommended to use this equipment for bakeries specialized in making European bread.
Korean oven can be freely equipped with marble plate on each floor, Japan imported matrix electric wire, energy saving, baking effect is awesome, mainly used for making toast, Japanese sweet bread, seasoned bread and so on. Can meet the needs of most bakeries.
Take our Korean oven as an example, IBS far infrared heating system, 100 grams of bread can save about 2 minutes of baking time. Integrated steam heating system, no need for separate steam wand, when the temperature reaches 170 degrees can produce steam, 0 loss.
We are very welcome overseas friends to join our dealer family, but also for dealers to provide a variety of support policies, can be potential dealers to the owner to apply for price concessions, specific customer service can be contacted for more details.

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