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HanSang Bake - Chief Baking Consultant
● Working at a bakery in Chiba, Japan
● Learn chocolate-related courses in Felchlin, Switzerland
● Complete relevant training courses in Lesaffre, France
● Study at a German baking school
● Won the first prize in the (Asia Bakery Word Cup) held in Guangzhou in 2011
● Study at the Patisserie College of the well-known French bakery school INBP and complete the master's course
● In 2012, he was shortlisted in the final of the "Bakery Word Cup" held in France (Bakery Word Cup), and won
the fourth prize (12 countries participated)
Personal Title
● Director of the Technical Committee of the Korean Baking Association Adjunct Professor of the Baking Department of Suwon Women’s University
● Served as the founder of Andersen Bakery, Chairman of Gyeonggi-do, Korean Baking Skills Association
● Served as the technical chairman of the Korean Baking Skills Association, and served as the judge of most bakery industry competitions in Korea
● Baguette World Championship Silver Medal
● Audit Committee Member of Korea Baking Skills Competition
● Baguette World Championship Silver Medal
● Judges of Korea Baking Skills Competition
● Gold Award at Seoul International Baking Show
Back Jin Woo - Senior baking consultant(Korea)
Ma Chil Seok - Senior baking consultant(Korea)
● In 2008, he obtained the qualification of the Korean pastry skill master, and graduated from the Valrhona Chocolate School in France
● Bread World Cup Asian Continental Champion (China 2011) Sculpture Park Promotion Institute designated expert
● (2013) (Current) Graduated from Felchlin Chocolate School, Gwangju Chonnam Branch Chairman, Korea Pastry Skills Association
● Judges of the 2010 Local Skills Competition Conference
● Graduated from the American Wheat Association (AIB)
● Graduated from the German Bread Research Institute
● French Bread World Cup Finals 4th place
● (EUROPAIN 2012) (Previously) Editorial Committee Member of the Korean Pastry Skills Association
● (2009) (Current) Chairman of the Technical Field of the Korean Pastry Association
● Pastry and Bread Judge of Daejeon World Chef Conference
● (2012) (Previously) Served as Vice President of the Greater Korea Association of Skilled Officers
● Republic of Korea Chief Baker
● Foreign Professor of Korea Tourism University (baking)
● President of Gangdong Branch of Korea Skills Chief Association (3 years)
● Technical Committee Member of the Korean Baking Association (6 years)
● Technical field committee member of Korea Baking Skills Association (4 years)
● Possesses a total of 30 years of experience in operating personal bakery and baker
● Technical guidance for the International Bread and Biscuit Competition (EUROPAIN, IBA, etc.)
● Chief judge of Qingbei Province Local Master Skills Competition for 2 years (2014, 2015)
● Instructor of Korean athletes in the 19th International Skills Olympiad in Sao Paulo, Brazil-won the gold medal
● (2015) Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry implements national projects (development of natural yeast and patents-Daily Dairy
● Judge of the 50th National Skills Competition (2015, 2017, 2018)
Jeon Min Sun - Senior baking consultant(Korea)
Cho Seong Hwan - Senior baking consultant(Korea)
● Master of Korean cake making skills
● CEO, Chef of Whitney Bakery
● Factory Manager of 63 Bakery Co., Ltd.
● Study at the French Chocolate VAL _RHONA School
● Won the bakery prize at the namdong festival
● Production Director of KIM YOUNG MO Bakery
● Studying at the Korean High School of Cake Making Technology
● Further study at the Japan Biscuit and Milk Fat Research Institute
● Won the special prize in the chocolate category at the namdong festival

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