Bresso offers baking mixing solutions with new mixer

For baking mixing solutions, BRESSO has announced the availability of the new mixer models: HKM-201PRO/401PRO. This mixer can be used both 20L and 40L, only need to change a bowl, Both mixers offer quality and reliability at an affordable price and are ideal for kitchens and bakeries.

“We recognize that the mixers can both knead and mix fillings are the fastest growing models in the market, particularly for independent small bakeries and restaurants,” said Han bake, chef of BRESSO. “The mixer gives our customers an easy-to-use solution, and one they can rely on for consistent performance.”

The mixer produced by BRESSO features a durable gear transmission and 1/3 HP high torque heavy-duty motor, along with three fixed speeds for incorporating, blending and mixing ingredients. It ships standard with an accessory package that includes a 20L stainless bowl (1.8mm)and removable bowl guard for easy cleaning. The package also includes a beater, Whisk and dough hook.

To simplify use, the HMM10-1STD mixer has a digital timer that allows operators to gain accurate performance and avoid overmixing by setting minutes and seconds for use. The mixer also has a Last Time Remind™ feature that recalls the last mixing time the operator used, making it easy to repeat batches of the same recipe.

BRESSO designed the mixer with food grade stainless steel304/316, and the motor will never break down in its lifetime, and the beater is solid, It won't break down for at least 10 years.

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