The 11th China Baking Summit Forum: Pioneering New Horizons in the Bakery Industry

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In a momentous gathering that took place on March 26, 2019, the 11th China Baking Summit Forum unfolded its chapters in Jianghua, Jiangsu. With the theme "Embark on a new journey and write a new chapter," the forum delved into the pulsating rhythm of company progress and the current trajectory of the bakery sector. A forward-looking perspective intertwined with industry insights kindled fresh aspirations, forging unified resolve and igniting innovative vigor within the field. Esteemed experts and scholars, both national and international, united to dissect the complex fabric of the baking industry's evolution, breathing life into pressing subjects.

Luminaries who graced the stage included:

Thomas, the Dean of Lesaffre Greater China's Swallow Baking Training Academy,
Illuminating the theme of yeast's pivotal role in the realm of Frozen Dough Technology.

Shen Hua, the Senior Technical Manager at Lesaffre Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.,
Unveiling technical solutions to enhance the longevity of bread products' shelf life.

Wei Zhenxing, the Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou Liyuan Venture Capital Co., Ltd.,
Navigating the realms of Investment Logic, dissecting opportunities in the Consumer Market.

Guo Hongli, the Executive Vice President/Founding Partner of Beijing Zhuo Peng Strategic Consulting Agency,
A maven in Brand Strategy and Chain New Retail Research, delving into the synergy of "Super Brand + Super Model" and its impact on the industry's ascension.

Yuan Huohong, the Chairman of Shenzhen Fortune Mall Technology Co., Ltd.,
Exploring the intersections of "Happy Cakes" and Baking New Retail, ushering in innovative avenues.

Throughout the summit, attendees forged a consensus on pivotal takeaways:

  • 1. The era is colored by the brushstrokes of innovation; hence, Chinese bakery brands must harness integrated thinking to advance resource sharing and propel brand growth.
  • 2. Navigating the tides of the market economy, companies must metamorphose their resource strengths into tangible brand values, leveraging core technological prowess.
  • 3. Embracing the aura of brand strategy, a high-cultural understanding of brands is paramount, directing brand formation from a macro-cultural vantage point.

This intricate mosaic of insight underscores the reality that the baking industry's tapestry encompasses not only equipment quality and performance but also the narrative of equipment brands. In capturing consumer sentiments and market dynamics, the industry carves its identity, redefining baking brands and elevating their prominence.

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