Chocolate Marble Toast Tutorial

Toast is the transliteration of English toast. It is actually a square bread made with a rectangular mold with or without a lid.
It is a type of Western bread and is very common in European and American breakfasts.
But in fact, toast can also be made in many ways.
By adding different ingredients, you can make delicious toast with different flavors.
Such as chocolate marble toast,
The toast slices are soft and silky, the chocolate is rich, and the marble texture is unique.
Every bite is a blend of sweetness and happiness.


Camellia High Gluten Powder 1000g
Sugar 160g
Salt 150g
Fresh yeast 40g
Whole eggs 100g
Ice water 440g
Unsalted butter 50g

Chocolate marble chips
Unsalted butter 100g
Bittersweet chocolate 70g
Whole eggs 100g
Sugar 100g
Cocoa powder 25g
Low gluten flour 100g

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