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    Bakery is a popular industry in Malaysia with a booming market. To meet the growing demand, bakeries need to be equipped with efficient, reliable and aesthetically pleasing equipment. One of the key components that are essential is the bakery cabinet. Choosing the right bakery cabinet is crucial to the success of your bakery. Not only does it protect your Bresso oven, but it also improves efficiency and displays your baked goods in an aesthetically pleasing way. This guide is designed to help you choose the best bakery bakery cabinet for your Malaysian bakery. We will cover the different types of bakery cabinets, their key features, Bresso oven compatibility, budget considerations and information on local suppliers.

    Types Explained

    Bakery cabinets can be categorised into three types based on their design: Vertical Oven Cabinets: These are the most common type and are usually placed on the floor to provide more storage space. Countertop ovens: Smaller in size and suitable for locations where space is limited. Mobile oven cabinets: With castors, they are easy to move around and are suitable for flexible use.

    Functions in detail

    The main functions of the oven cabinet include: Cooling system: Helps the oven to cool down quickly and prolongs its life. Lighting: For easy viewing of the baking process. Temperature control: Ensures stable baking temperatures. Shelf Configuration: Provides flexible storage space.

    Bresso Oven Compatibility

    It's important to choose a baking cabinet that is compatible with your Bresso oven. Make sure it is the right size and provides the necessary ventilation and exhaust.

    Budget Considerations

    The price of a baking cabinet depends on its size, features and materials. Small countertop ovens are relatively inexpensive, while large vertical ovens are more expensive.


    Choosing the right bakery cabinet is crucial for your bakery. This guide provides information to help you make an informed decision.